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Below is a curated list of publicly available materials on hypertension from reputable sources. You can select one or more options from Keywords, Source Organization, or Intended Audience to filter the list. You don't have to select an option from each list. To remove selected options click reset.

Title Keywords Source Organization URL
Hypertension Modules: Managing the Blood Pressure of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic Kidney disease, Management, Treatment WHL
Hypertension Modules: Performance Improvement and Quality of Care in the Healthcare System: Implications for the Management of Hypertension Health care system, Performance management, Quality of care WHL Visit Url
Hypertension Modules: Public Health/Clinical Success: Impact of High Blood Pressure Control Program Clinical Success, Control, Public Health Success WHL
Hypertension Modules: Quality Improvement Indicators and Management of Hypertension Indicators, Management, Quality improvement WHL Visit Url
Hypertension Modules: Selection of Drugs in Hypertension: Does It Make a Difference? Drug, Medicine, Treatment WHL Visit Url
Hypertension Modules: Sodium, Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease: Interpreting Good, Bad and Indifferent Data Blood Pressure, CVD, Sodium WHL Visit Url
Hypertension Modules: Strategies to Improve Patient Adherence to Anti-Hypertensive Treatment Adherence, Anti-hypertensive treatment, Strategies WHL Visit Url
Hypertension Modules: Team-Based Care to Improve Blood Pressure Control: The CAPTION Trial Blood Pressure, CAPTION Trial, Team-based care WHL Visit Url
Hypertension Modules: The Management of Hypertension in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Coronary Artery disease, Management, Treatment WHL Visit Url
Hypertension Module: Hypertension Guideline Update: Current Controversies and Clinical Implications/Difference Among Hypertension Guidelines: What Can We Learn? Clinical implications of guideline, Controversies, Guideline WHL
Hypertension Module: Clinical Consideration in the Management of Hypertension in the Africal American Patient/Management of Hypertension in Blacks - Data vs. Honararia African-American, Management, Special population WHL
Hypertension Module: Cardiorenal Metabolic Syndrome Cardiorenal Metabolic Syndrome, Clinical WHL
Hypertension Module: Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Hypertension/Pediatric Hypertension Evaluation and Management Diagnosis, Pediatric hypertension, Treatment WHL
Hypertension Module: Dietary Approaches to Prevent and Control Elevated Blood Pressure/Implementing DASH and Salt Reduction in the Clinical Management of Hypertension DASH, Salt reduction, Treatment WHL
Hypertension Module: Early Life Origins of Chronic Disease Including Hypertension Early life origin of chronic disease, History WHL
Hypertension Module: Home Blood Pressure Monitoring - When, How and Why Home BP Monitoring WHL
Hypertension Module: Hypertension and Precision Medicine Precision medicne WHL
Hypertension Module: Improving Hypertension Control Rates - Focus on Adherence to Regimens Adherence, Control WHL
Hypertension Module: Resistant Hypertension and the Management of High Blood Pressure: Global Implications forthe Patient from South Asia Management, Resistant hypertension, South Asia WHL
Hypertension Module: Hypertension Control by Design Optimizing Hypertenison, Prevention, and Control in Clinical Pratice/ Optimizing Hypertension Control Control, Optimizing hypertension control WHL
Hypertension Module: Use of Out-ofClinic Blood Pressure monitoring in Hypertenison Diagnosis and Treatment BP measurement, Monitoring, Out-of-office BP WHL
Hypertension Module: Hypertenison: A Simplified Mechanistic Approach to Antihypertensice Drug Therapy Anti-hypertensive treatment, Mechanistic Approach, Treatment WHL
Hypertension Module: Evaluation and Treatment of Resistant Hypertension/Resistant Hypertension Evaluation, Resistant hypertension, Treatment WHL
Hypertension Module: Organizing Hypertension Prevention and Control Programs Control, Organizing, Prevention WHL
Hypertension Module: Pathophysiology of Placental Ischemia-induced Hypertension Indentifying potential therapeutic targets for preeclampsia/Pathophysiology of Preeclampsia Clinical, Placental Ischemia-induced hypertension, Therapeutic Target WHL