Fundamentals for Implementing a Hypertension Program in Resource-Constrained Settings

This course is geared toward program managers and implementers but will also be useful for physicians, nurses, and community health workers. There are six modules in this course:

This course can be taken at your own pace; all modules or individual modules can be selected. This course is available without cost. The course is designed to teach the key strategies and tools for managing hypertension in resource-limited settings.

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Online Course for Global Sodium Reduction

This course is designed for policy makers, program implementers, and advocates working in the areas of nutrition and health, specifically in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and hypertension, primarily in low- and middle-income countries. This course can be taken at your own pace, and is available without cost. The course will present a brief history and review the science of salt, followed by an in-depth look at various strategies for reducing salt at the population level. This course will cover:

  • Key elements of salt reduction strategies
  • How to engage with stakeholders
  • Lessons learned from real-life settings

There are eight modules in this course:

Module 1: Overview of Global Sodium Reduction

Module 2: Understanding the Setting & Options for Sodium Reduction Interventions

Module 3: Low-Sodium Salt

Module 4: Industry Salt Reduction Targets

Module 5: Front-of-Pack Labels for Packaged Food

Module 6: Reduced Salt in Restaurant Foods

Module 7: Institutional Nutrition Standards

Module 8: An Introduction to Evaluating Sodium Reduction Interventions


The first two modules will set the stage with the science and context; modules 3-7 will explore specific interventions; and the final module will discuss evaluation.