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Estimated population-wide benefits and risks in China of lowering sodium through potassium-enriched salt substitution: modelling study

Marklund M, Singh G, Greer R, Cudhea F, Matsushita K, Micha R, Brady T, Zhao D, Huang L, Tian M, Cobb L, Neal B, Appel L, Mozaffarian D, Wu J

A nationwide intervention to encourage the use of potassium enriched salt substitutes was estimated to substantially reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease, non-fatal cardiovascular events, and disability adjusted life years in China, with the benefits outweighing the harms in the overall population and in individuals with chronic kidney disease. Our results suggest that a person in the general population and an individual with chronic kidney disease would be more likely to survive with the intervention than without. Although our estimates can provide guidance to policy makers, large clinical studies (such as the ongoing Salt Substitute and Stroke Study) are needed to evaluate the potential benefits versus harms of salt substitution.