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Cost-effectiveness and budget impact of the community-based management of hypertension in Nepal study (COBIN): a retrospective analysis

Krishnan A, Finkelstein, Kallestrup P, Karki A, Hecht Olsen M, Neupane D
Lancet Global Health

The greatest risk factor for cardiovascular disease is hypertension, which can be alleviated via diet, exercise, and adherence to medication. Yet, blood pressure control in Nepal is inadequate, which is partly hindered by a lack of evidence-based, low-cost, scalable, and cost-effective cardiovascular disease prevention programmes. The the community-based management of hypertension in Nepal (COBIN) study was a 12-month community-based hypertension management programme of blood pressure monitoring and lifestyle counselling intervention undertaken by female community health volunteers (FCHVs) in Nepal, against usual care, which showed success in reducing blood pressure. Here we aimed to retrospectively quantify the budget impact and cost-effectiveness of the scale-up of the programme.